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Learning to understand the messages of the body.

Body Talk


Learning to Understand the Messages of the Body

  • Do you have pain or issues with your body
    and the cause is mysterious or elusive?

  • Do you feel like your body is trying to tell you something?

  • Are you ready to experience your body differently?

Then Body Talk Sessions are right for you!

This work is a beautiful opportunity to learn to hear the messages of the body. The session not only helps you lean into communication with your body, we also do energy work and coaching. This allows you to begin to heal; mind, body and spirit.


These sessions are for you if:

  • You have an open mind. You don’t have to be 100% certain you believe in anything but an open mind is key.

  • You need to heal something.

  • You are willing to take responsibility for speaking up if anything doesn’t feel right for you. I take great care to listen, but ultimately, it’s your voice that matters.  


These sessions are not for you if:

  • You are a close-minded sceptic. You go on with your bad self, you just won’t benefit from this type of coaching.

  • You have an acute medical situation but you’re avoiding dealing with it.

  • You’re feeling unstable. This work is for people who have done self-work and are ready to take it to the next level. Get some good therapy or coaching and reach out once you’re stable.


What are people saying about Body Talk Sessions:

“She’s an experienced, masterful coach and energy healer, and I felt confident and trusting with her work both before and after a big surgery I had. Her workspace is inviting and calming, and she guides the work and discussions gently and skillfully.”
“Adding energy and spiritual work to the sessions deepened the experience and brought different aspects to my healing. Heather is insightful, intuitive, and kind, and she brings forth tools, ideas and suggestions for healing both body and spirit.”
“I’ve had successful body healing after a hip replacement, as well as positive changes in attitude and approach to challenges in my personal life, grief journey, and relationships.”
— Celeste Mazur
“It’s not that everything is perfect now and I have no more issues (although I’m much improved), it’s that I’m not losing myself to my disease. Heather has helped me take this thing in stride. She helped me bring some meaning to it.”
“I’m much more compassionate and kind to myself now. I believe I can ultimately make it through anything with the tools I’ve learned here.”
— Mary Brown

Heather has been working with people’s bodies for 20 years. First as a massage therapist and then as an energy worker and coach. In that time bodies began to reveal to her their secret language. She’ll help you get into your body to help you discover this language for yourself.

Heather’s devoted focus on the well-being of her clients truly sets her apart. Each session is carefully constructed to meet the needs of the individual. No cookie cutter crap around here!

If you want to work with a skilled, compassionate, intelligent lightworker, then Heather is right for you!