Heather uses her 20 years of experience as a healer and psychic medium to help people transform, get closure and live fuller, happier lives.

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Heather began her massage career 20 years ago and after a few years she began to make an interesting discovery. Over a series of sessions a client would talk about the same problems as a particular body part was massaged. It was clear that a person’s pain was part of a larger dynamic that couldn’t be addresses with massage alone.

That realization led her to study Neuro-Lingustic Programming, Hypnotherapy, meditation and permaculture. She’s incorporated all of these techniques into a modality called Transformational Coaching (TC). It has been an honor for her to witness the transformation that using these tools has brought about for TC clients.

TC has helped many people heal in relationships, find direction in careers, heal physically, lose weight, heal emotional traumas, and release hurtful habits and phobias.

Heather’s philosophy is that inside of each of us lies the source of healing all issues. The key to tapping into that healing source is always here in the present moment. Thoughts, beliefs and lingering painful emotions can block us from what is alive in the here and now. She uses TC to allow clients to heal their own beliefs and habits so they can be, do or have what they want in their lives.